preservation services

Preservation Services

Prolonging the life of your assets. Rapid Solutions provide specialist preservation services that ensure equipment and systems are kept preserved during all phases of a project, before taken into use.

Benefits of our preservation programme

  1. Integrity of the asset is maintained
  2. Asset’s life is prolonged
  3. Repair & maintenance costs are eliminated
  4. Re-commissioning & start-up time is decreased
  5. Downtime is minimised, & productivity is increased

Why Preserve?

Due to uncertainty in the oil & gas industry, companies are faced with decisions to mothball and preserve assets with the intention to restart operations at some point in the future.

Assets left out of service and exposed to environmental conditions without correct preservation have a detrimental effect on the asset’s integrity. The longer the asset is left exposed and unprotected, the greater the detrimental effect which eventually leads to high replacement or remediation costs.

Implementing a correct and robust preservation programme will protect assets from internal and external deterioration and ensure they can be efficiently used when needed.


Our team engineers can offer customised preservation solutions to protect your assets. Combined with our mechanical, E&I, and hydraulic services, and our first-hand knowledge of upstream and midstream assets, we create a one-stop shop for every challenge in the field of preservation.

Some of the services we specialise in are:

  • Preservation engineering
  • Onshore and offshore surveys
  • Development of preservation philosophy, strategy and tactics
  • Preparation of preservation manual and operating procedures
  • Preservation scheduling
  • Initial and periodic inspections and maintenance
  • De-preservation and equipment dispatch


Equipment and Methods of Preservation
Equipment Preserved Preservation Methods
Electronic Equipment & Enclosures
Cleaning & Rust Removers
Electrical Motors
Fuel Additives
Electrical Components
Oil Additives
Subsea Equipment & Risers
Water Additives
Pumps & Valves
Boilers & Heat Exchangers
Compressors & Gearboxes
Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Panels & Cylinders
Corrosion Inhibitors
Protective Packaging

Our preservation solutions

Preservation solutions is a balancing act between the costs of preserving assets vs the risk of remediation and associated cost during start up. Our preservation solutions are devised by:

  • Identifying deterioration mechanisms that will affect the integrity of assets during decommissioning, preservation, re-commissioning and start up
  • Determining the degree of preservation required and practical steps
  • Identifying ongoing inspection, maintenance or preventive actions to avoid or reduce the effects of deterioration at various stages
  • Determining the resources and scheduling required for all phases
  • Determining appropriate security policies
  • Identifying steps required to re-commission the asset after the preservation period

Our first-hand knowledge and experience with a wide range of assets allows us build reliable cost estimates and implement effective preservation solutions. We add value for our customers by:

  • Utilising a pragmatic approach that reduces risk of deterioration and problematic start-ups whilst being practical and cost effective
  • Employing experienced and multi-disciplined engineers in order to provide maximum flexibility and high quality operational delivery
  • Utilising a centralised preservation database containing up to date information of the asset, preservation status, and inspection, maintenance and preventive actions history
  • Applying modern IT systems with remote access to our a centralised preservation database enabled to customers
  • Utilising robust quality and competency management processes that are aligned to ISO 9001, API Q2 and OPITO
  • Providing added assurance via internal and external independent audits
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