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CompEx & Technical Training

Rapid Solutions offers a broad range of training courses designed to develop workforce competence. We deliver technical training covering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and construction. We are approved by JT limited and City & Guilds UK and are ISO 9001 certified for delivering technical training.


  1. CompEx Foundation
  2. CompEx (EX01- EX04)
  3. City & Guilds – 2377-22 (PAT)
  4. City & Guilds – 2382-15 (17th Edition)
  5. City & Guilds – 2382-18 (18th Edition)

In addition to the above, Rapid Solutions provide bespoke mechanical, hydraulic and safety-related courses. 

CompEx & Technical Training

As a service provider, Rapid Solutions understands that safe and reliable operations depend on a competent workforce. A competent and skilled workforce is essential for successful businesses, industry and the economy.

 Our accredited courses are:

  • CompEx Foundation – Basic understanding of working in explosive atmospheres
  • CompEx (EX01- EX04) – Training & Assessment of Electrical and Instrument Technicians working in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (Hazardous Areas)
  • City & Guilds – 2377-22 (PAT) – Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment
  • City & Guilds – 2382-15 (17th Edition) – Level 3 course covering the IEE 17th edition ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’ BS7671: 2008 up to & including amendment 3 (2015)
  • City & Guilds – 2382-18 (18th Edition) – Level 3 course covering the IEE 18th edition ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’ BS7671: 2018


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As specialists in adult education, we design and deliver tailored training courses to meet varying needs. We identify where workforce competence can be enhanced and deliver the training programme to address any shortfalls.

Each course prepared goes through a design and verification process. Once approved, training is delivered by qualified trainers who are experts in their disciplines and have hands-on experience. Our approach to training ensures that the training delivered is of value to both individuals and businesses. This means you can be assured that each course:

  • Contains relevant regulatory, best practice and health & safety content
  • Is at the appropriate level and complexity for the target audience
  • Is delivered in a modern and fully equipped training facility
  • Helps trainees develop skills and improve knowledge in order to manage real workplace situations
  • Meets the highest standards for trainer competence, course quality and learning experience
  • Has an appropriate end-of-course assessment leading to a certificate
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