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Fire Safety, Detection & Automation

Efficient, cost-effective solutions to protect people and premises and ensure business continuity. Rapid Solutions provides advanced Fire Safety, Detection, Security, Surveillance & Automation solutions for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial, Commercial, Maritime and Telecoms sectors.


  1. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  2. Fire Suppression Systems
  3. Intruder Detection & Alarm Systems
  4. CCTV & Security Surveillance Systems
  5. Access Control & Traffic Barrier Systems


We design, deploy and maintain systems to protect people and premises, and ensure business continuity.

Every business, industry and environment has its own unique requirements. We offer solutions for both generic or specific business risks and characteristics. As representatives of leading OEMS, we design, install, maintain and support several systems.

workman installing cctv system
workman installing cctv system

Scalable Solutions

Over the years we have implemented solutions for varying needs and applications. This includes retail, residential, hotels and offices. Our large range of scalable solutions, all based on proven technology from leading OEMs, can be adapted and integrated to suit differing needs. This allows easy expansion in terms of size (small to very large) and complexity (simple to complex).

With a range of cost-efficient, effective and future proof solutions, our customers can protect themselves from a range of threats and business disruption.

How can Rapid Solutions help you with your next international project?