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Instrumentation Equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of instrumentation products for use across our specialist market sectors. Our products include variable speed drives, flow meters, pressure/temperature switches, electro pneumatic positioners and water and industrial analysers.

For a full list of the products we provide please see the list below.

We supply & install:

  • Pressure/DP & temperature transmitters
  • Control on/off valves C/W electric & pneumatic actuator
  • Pressure/temperature switches
  • Variable speed drives
  • Magnetic, ultrasonic, VAF and PD flow meters
  • Radar, ultrasonic, hydrostatic and capacitive continuous level measurement
  • Electro pneumatic positioners (safe & hazardous area)
  • Galvanic isolators, zener barriers and universal input/output indicators
  • Liquid and process gas analysers, gas chromatographs
  • Capacitive, conductivity, vibration, magnetic and proximity switch point level detection
  • Precision load cells, belt scales and weight feeders
  • RTD and thermocouple assemblies
  • Pressure transmitters and remote seals, temperature transmitters and sensors, controllers, recorders, indicators, magnetic, variable area, mass, coriolis, vortex, swirl and wedge flow meters
  • Water and industrial analysers
  • Electrical & pneumatic valve automation products
  • Control valves

Our instrumentation solutions are of the highest quality and deliver outstanding performance at all times.